Finnegan Arena. All elements by me. Maya and Photoshop.

Dense city level. All elements by me. Maya and Photoshop.

Lilypads. All elements by me. Maya and Photoshop.

A selection of Titan components. Maya and Photoshop.

Some level buildings and large structures. Maya and Photoshop.

Platforms and walkways. Maya and Photoshop.

Decorative flavor pieces. Maya and Photoshop.

The player’s weapon in DRP, from a concept by Jonathan Elliott. Maya and Photoshop.

A sentry turret that shoots lasers. Maya and Photoshop.

Drunken Robot Pornography

Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP for short) is a first-person bullet hell shooter with a drinking problem. After accidentally giving his robot bartender Tim sentience, Reuben Matsumoto must take up his gun and jetpack to defend the city of Boston from his former exotic robot dancers and Tim’s army of robots.

I was responsible for all 3D modelling and texturing in the game. I made 60 Titan pieces and nearly 100 level pieces that were assembled by designers to create the boss enemies and the game world.

Drunken Robot Pornography is currently available on Steam.

3D Artist
Dejobaan Games